• 50 Year Shelf Life Water

    Don't wait until it is too late.

    The GOLD standard for Emergency Water

    Available by the Case or Pallet

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  • Water Stays Fresh Even in Heat

    6 Pack Cooler

    Heat will not affect taste or shelf life.

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  • The Benefits

    Blue Can Water offers
    outstanding benefits:

    Emergency Water

    Protect your loved ones by preparing for the worst-case scenario. Read more

    Pure Fresh Taste

    Blue Can water is purified, sterilized and pasteurized to remove any... Read more

    Eco Friendly Water

    The facts don't lie: Aluminum recycles more than plastic!Read more

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  • Why canned water?

    Can vs Bottle
    Main differences:

    Canned Water

    The 50 Year Shelf Life of Blue Can pure water will stay fresh for decades. Read more

    Plastic Bottled Water

    Kick the plastic habit. We all know plastic bottles harm the environment. Read more

    Stays Fresh in Heat

    Unlike plastic, Blue Can tastes good after sitting in a hot car.. Read more

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  • Light Crisp Fresh Taste

    Water in an Aluminum Can?
    But how does it taste?

    one word: AMAZING!

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50 Year Shelf Life Emergency Drinking Water.


Be prepared with our Premium Emergency Water that stays fresh, even in heat!

Only one Planet

Each time you use a recycled product, like the aluminum we use in our cans, you help keep our world clean and safe for the future.

Kick the plastic habit and start helping your planet now!

Make a Difference

We started because we decided that one person could make a difference.

By putting pure drinking water in aluminum cans we are empowering you to make a difference by giving you a choice.



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